Designer Lighting

contemporary room with a wood texture wall mount LED fixture
Our Designer line of luminaires boasts a sophisticated vinyl finish to emulate luxurious textures and materials. This design element adds a touch of class and refinement to any space.
modern kitchen with green cabinets, wood and marble accents
tan wood texture

Designer Film

Accentuate your space with designer textures and patterns.


Premium vinyl film engineered to replicate natural textures such as wood, stone, metal, and fabric to provide a stunning and realistic finish.


Lightweight, stretchable and can be installed on any surface.


Easy to clean and extremely durable lasting 10+ years


Moisture, pollutants, bacteria, fungus resistant and fire retardant.
multiple wood, marble, stone swatches

Designer Series

circular LED pendant fixture with tan wood fixture

Zip Cloud Series

Pendant, Surface
wood textured surface mount fixture

Thinline Surface

Models: 2.25, 3.18, 4.5
medium brown wood texture on a wall mount LED light fixture

Thinline Wall Mount

Models: 2.25, 3.18, 4.5
cherry wood texture on a pendant mount LED fixture

Thinline Suspended

Models: 2.25, 3.18, 4.5
wood textured curve LED pendant fixture

Thinline Curve

Pendant Direct, Direct-Indirect
c shaped pendant fixture with dark wood finish

Thinline C

Pendant Direct, Direct-Indirect
Ring style led pendant fixture with dark metal vinyl texture

Thinline Ring

Pendant Direct, Direct-Indirect

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