Acoustic Lighting

Sound and Light in Perfect Harmony

room with wood table in the middle of room and along the walls

LED lighting with acoustic felt combines the efficiency and modern aesthetics of LED lighting with the functional beauty of acoustic felt materials. The crisp illumination of LED lights not only provides energy-efficient brightness but also enhances the ambiance of a space.

Paired with acoustic felt, these lighting fixtures offer a harmonious blend of visual appeal and sound absorption. 

Oak designer felt
Designer Felt


Rigid Panels – 9.5 mm | 0.37 inches thick


1500 GSM (44 opsy)


60% Recycled PET fiber


35 Vibrant Colors
eco lux felt
Eco Lux Felt


100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyster


3.18 mm | 0.125 inches thick


500 GSM (14.65 opsy)


E84 Compliant


33 Vibrant Colors

Acoustic Series

round pendant light fixture with grey felt on the outside

Zip Cloud Series

Pendant, Surface
ceiling mount light fixture with brown felt texture

Thinline Surface

Models: 2.25, 3.18, 4.5
wall mounted light fixture with dark grey felt texture

Thinline Wall Mount

Models: 2.25, 3.18, 4.5
Pendant light fixture with Oat coloured felt texture

Thinline Suspended

Models: 2.25, 3.18, 4.5
curved pendant light fixture with dark grey felt texture

Thinline Curve

Pendant Direct, Direct-Indirect
delviro energy