BIOS Sky Blue™

A spinoff of Nasa, BIOS’s revolutionary lighting technology and solutions promote better sleep, energy, and better health.

Our bodies’ circadian system is most sensitive in the area of 490 nm, the “Sky Blue” region. BIOS SkyBlue™ targets this region where traditional white and tunable white LED’s are not able to.

40% More Circadian Impact
Traditional and Tunable white LEDs

Bios gen2 versus tunable whiteLEDs

True Circadian Lighting

Blue Light to Maintain and Promote Well Being.
Perfect for Schools, Hospitals, Office Spaces, Manufacturing Facilities, and Senior Homes.

Sleep Pattern
Helps regulate and improve
sleeping patterns
Sleep Pattern
Increase sleep hours and
improve overall sleep quality
Sleep Pattern
Increase alertness, focus, and
Sleep Pattern
Improve physical and mental

Unique Circadian Features

• Melanopic to photopic ratio (m/p) of at least 0.70 @ 3000K
• Melanopic to photopic ratio (m/p) of at least 0.80 @ 3500K
• Melanopic to photopic ratio (m/p) of at least 0.90 @ 4000K
• Blue Spectrum Peak Emission at 490nm
• CRI 80+ and R9 > 80
• For Healthcare Applications – Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) of 3.3
• For Bio-Dimming Applications – Spectral control and intensity via single dimming

BIOS Blue Spectrum Peak Emission at 490nm

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