About Us

We are North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Architectural, Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Residential LED Lighting.

Our commitment to innovation, manufacturing efficiency and distributor relations are all testament to our continual growth. We lead in worldwide energy efficiency research initiatives, policy advocacy, education technology deployment and communications that impact all sectors of the economy.

Our Technology

Delviro decided early on that to be the most effective, we would have full control of all manufacturing built from chipset to led fixture. With our own in-house design team, electronic Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes, metal fabrication department with state of art CNC machinery, and experienced luminaire assembly line, and given our capabilities for scalability, we ensure ample capacity growth.

Our Innovation

Strategic operations: research, design and engineering, per-project custom fixture, and development. Our LED fixtures perform in the top 10% of the industry in terms of Efficacy, CRI, and L90-L70.


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Canada’s 34th Fastest-Growing Company
Canada’s 6th Fastest-Growing Manufacturer
Canadian Business &
Profit 500
Canada’s 32nd Fastest-Growing Company
Canada’s 4th Fastest-Growing Manufacturer
Canadian Business &
Profit 500
Canada’s 35th Fastest-Growing Company
Canada’s 9th Fastest-Growing Manufacturer
Canadian Business &
Profit 500
Canada’s 33rd Fastest-Growing Company
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